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container tracking is the solution to shipment visibility Container Tracking: The Solution to Shipment Visibility
The advancement of technology has raised the expectations of consumers and businesses when it comes to transparency of and access to information. When consumers place orders on Uber Eats, they expect to see the real-time status of their orders, allowing them to plan their activities in advance.
Freight Forwarding Software FAQ Freight Forwarding Software FAQ
People often have some questions regarding freight forwarding software. In this post, we will be answering some frequently asked questions about freight forwarding software.
Freight forwarders have to undergo digital transformation in the digital age Digital Freight Forwarder: What Is It and What to Avoid?
Digital freight forwarders are freight forwarders who have undergone digital transformation, which has become one of the most discussed topics in the business world.
ecommerce-change-freight-forwarding-industry How E-Commerce is Changing the Freight Forwarding Industry?
E-commerce is growing at a rapid rate and, among the top trends in cross-border e-commerce logistics, the whole traditional international freight forwarding industry is now facing serious price competition and market leader shifting crisis.
Filing ISF can be quite confusing How to File ISF? A Simple Guide to Nail Your Security Filing!
The advancement of transportation has gradually torn down international boundaries. Different countries are putting more emphasis on border security, and it is important for importers and exporters to complete the necessary security filing processes.
How to Apply for NVOCC License? How to Apply for NVOCC License?
With the advancement of IoT, container tracking provides reassurance to the recipients and allows them to plan their operational activities or make contingency plans in advance. This is done by analyzing information transmitted by the sensors attached to the containers. Furthermore, suppliers can also proactively act in response to different situations, such as damage or loss of cargos, according to the information generated by the container tracking system.