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October 17, 2019
Personalized View & Report

Have you ever been bothered by unnecessary information when you are sorting items or looking for specific information?

For instance, you have 50 house bills of lading on a list. Each B/L has more than 10 columns to show all the information, such as shipper, consignee, place of delivery, and others. Due to the limited space on your monitor, only a few columns will be shown. To be able to view the columns you wish to see, you probably have to drag the scrollbar from left to right and then right to left. Sounds like a waste of time, doesn’t it?

Here’s another example.

You download another list with more than 20 columns but you probably only need 6 of them. The worst part is that they are not arranged properly and therefore you have to go through each column one by one, rearrange them, and delete the unwanted columns to finally have the perfect excel file.

This definitely does not sound productive. Well, worry no more! GoFreight is here to remove that burden from your shoulders!

The new feature of the week will certainly make a difference to how your organize your shipment information.

  • Configure your view for better organization and display

    The new configuration feature allows users to optimize their list view in the following ways:

    Users can now
    • decide which information items to show or hide
    • freeze certain columns
    • arrange the order of these columns
    • adjust the widths of the columns
  • Generate the perfect report / Be the creator of your personalized report

    Aside from configuring their list view, users can also personalize their exported excel report.

    Users can
    • choose the desired information items to be included
    • arrange the items based on their preferences
    • copy the customization settings from the list view
    output report screenshot

    As you are configuring your report, you will notice that an extra item, namely the accounting information, can be included in the excel report. The accounting info section will display the sums of important accounting items, such as ocean freight charge, chassis charge, and miscellaneous charges, as shown below.

    accounting info screenshot

    Users will now not only be able to personalize their reports but also generate reports with all the significant information for internal or external communications and data presentation.

September 12, 2019
Security Filing - AMS & ISF

Different countries have various required import or export documentation. The U.S has the Automated Manifest System (AMS) and Importer Security Filing (ISF) to ensure that its national security isn’t jeopardized. The U.S custom imposes penalty on exporters and importers if they fail to submit their AMS and ISF respectively. Very often, freight forwarders are the ones submitting these forms for their clients. Nonetheless, filling up these forms can take much time and there might be human errors.

To ensure that our users will not encounter any issues or be punished by the custom, GoFreight has a very well thought out security filing system.

  • AMS portal

    Our AMS portal is a stand-alone system which allows both freight forwarders and their oversea agents to access it. In addition, it can transmit information to the GoFreight system. Users simply have to export or ask for the AMS excel file and import it into the import module of GoFreight. After that, users will see that a shipment with all the information previously filled in the AMS is generated by the system.

    ams portal screenshot
  • In-app ISF

    As the name suggested, our ISF system is part of the GoFreight system. You might ask, “So, how do I benefit from that?”

    Since our ISF system is in-app, it shares the same database with GoFreight, meaning that users will not have to re-enter all the parties’ information into both the freight management system and ISF system separately.

    When you input information into the in-app ISF, you will see that all previous saved trade parties will be shown in the drop-down list. Aside from that, our system rigorously check for the formats of information. The system will not allow users to save their progress if the formats of required information, such as importer number and AMS number, are incorrect or the required fields are empty. The system will then highlight those fields to remind the users to make some changes. Furthermore, the system will automatically fill in some information for the users if users input their trade partners’ names into some fields, such as consignee and shipper, as shown below.

    Aside from importing AMS file to create shipment, GoFreight also provides another function for freight forwarders to have a more flexible workflow. After submitting ISF, users can click on the “create shipment” button and the system will automatically generate a shipment in the import module with all the ISF information. In the near future, users will also be able to create ISF from shipment.

    Users will be able to check the matching status of ISF and AMS in the log section or the ISF list in our in-app ISF system.

  • Support Team

    Freight forwarders might be overwhelmed by all kinds of tasks and neglect some important ones along the way. However, important stages such as security filing isn’t something that freight forwarders can afford to miss. As a result, GoFreight has a support team that monitors users’ ISF and AMS status and provide necessary support if anything goes wrong.

    Users will no longer have to repetitively enter the security filing information in different systems and worry about the matching status. Intrigued? Well, wait no more and use our in-app ISF!

September 4, 2019
Cash on Delivery

Cash on delivery, or collect on delivery, has become a very common methods of payment in both B2B and B2C sectors. The reason is that the shippers or sellers might not trust or be familiar with the buyers and therefore are reluctant to release the products or cargos unless they receive the payments.

As a freight forwarder, it is part of your duties to ensure that the payments are collected. Failure to collect these payments might have dire consequences. However, being overwhelmed by countless tasks might result in your forgetting about the payments. It is definitely helpful to have some kind of reminders to keep yourself reminded.

Let us be your reminder!

GoFreight came up with a simple yet powerful feature called “Cash on Delivery” that makes sure all your payments are not forgotten.

  • No more forgotten payments!

    To enable this feature, users must follow these steps. First, go to the customer’s page in the trade partner module and select “COD” as the payment type. Afterwards, proceed to the specific house bill of lading, fill in the customer’s name into the “customer” box, and select “CY” and “door” as the service term. After going through all these steps, you will see that there will be a very noticeable “COD” sign written on the delivery order with a tiny box on the top right corner. By clicking the box, the red COD sign will be shown on the delivery order to remind that the payment type of this shipment is cash on delivery.

  • COD reminder emails

    Aside from the COD sign on delivery order, GoFreight will also send the managers and operators emails with a list of shipments on the day of those shipments’ estimated time of arrival. In the future, users will keep receiving these emails until the payments are finally collected. You no longer have to worry about forgetting to collect the payments or verify whether these payments are indeed collected.

    cod email screenshot
August 21, 2019
Load and Link

Imagine this.

Your oversea agent issues a credit note to ask you to collect payments from the consignee. You then create an invoice and send it to the consignee to collect the payment. Sounds quite simple, right? However, the agent then asks you to collect more payments, meaning that there will be more billing items added to the credit note. After adding all the amendments, you believe that everything is set.

But, aren’t you missing something?

Perhaps, you forget to create invoices for those amendments. These small numbers might eventually amount to a gigantic loss for the company if freight forwarders fail to collect those payments due to negligence.

Aside from that, users of freight forwarding software often have to re-enter all the account receivable or payable entries of all house bills of lading into the debit/credit note. At the same time, you wonder if you could have used the time to do something more significant.

Let us relieve your suffering!

In this week’s What’s New, we are introducing an existing feature of ours called “Load and Link”, which can facilitate a better and smarter accounting workflow for you, as shown below.

  • Load your pre-entered entries that can be edited on both sides

    After you record all your account receivable or payable entries in several house bills of lading. In the debit or credit note of master bill of lading, you simply have to click on the “load and link” button to load all your account receivable or payables entries related to your agents. In other words, all the entries under the types of “collect for agent” or “sales for agent” in all house bills of lading will be loaded into the debit/credit notes (usually under the master bill of lading) and these entries will be linked as shown by the”linked” icon. The icon suggests that if you edit the linked entries in one house bill of lading, the corresponding entries in the master bill of lading will also be updated, vice versa. You no longer have to switch between tabs to update entries in both bills. Talking about precious time saved!

  • Forget about something? Let us remind you!

    As shown in the video, there are icons, such as “matched” and “no match”, aside from the “linked” icon. The purpose of having these icons is to tell users that the following incidents related to revenue and cost have occured.

    • icon match The revenue and cost billing items are matched (Matched)
    • icon no match The cost item is recorded but the revenue one cannot be found (No Match)
    • icon no match The cost is greater than the revenue (No Match)

    With this feature, users will no longer miss any items and can enjoy a more efficient and smarter workflow.

August 14, 2019

In this week’s What’s New, we will be introducing an existing feature loved and frequently used by our users.

Remember this business buddy of yours called memo? You probably attach a bunch of them on your walls, desks, or even your freight documents to remind yourself of certain details about your shipments, consignees, payments, or others. Unfortunately, a huge amount of memos can be quite costly and you might lose them sometimes.

As we strive to help freight forwarders digitize their work process, we came up with electronic memos, as shown below, so that our users can reduce costs and avoid missing out important details of work.

  • Memos automation provides better visibility and access!

    By clicking the box of a memo under the bell icon, users will notice that the memo menu will automatically be expanded to remind users of the highlighted memo. In addition, the system will automatically load the pre-entered memos of trade partners once their names are filled into certain fields, such as consignees, customers, and others. Lastly, users will be able to view all the memos by clicking the eye icon beside each bill of lading on the complete list of bills of lading so that users do not have to open each bill of lading to view or even add the memos. Now, you can easily find your memos at the right places without feeling lost or confused!

  • Can’t remember everything? Type out a memo!

    GoFreight allows users to write down memos in different modules, such as imports and exports, AR, AP, D/C, and even trade partners! All you have to do is to go to a certain module, click on “new” under the memo menu, and type out any kinds of information. Files related to that particular memos can also be uploaded to that memo and the uploaded files will be shown in the document center.

August 07, 2019
Accounting Setting

Have you ever encountered this kind of situation as a forwarder?

You have been dealing with the same consignees, agents, and other partners for a long period of time. You undergo the same activities, which result in the same debit/credit notes or account receivables/payable entries, for countless time. You then either key in the same accounting information all over again or keep copying and pasting it from the old files to the new ones. Shouldn’t we have better ways to do this as we’re living in the digital age? The answer is definitely YES!

Aside from the trade party feature shown last week, we also came up with the “Accounting Setting” feature, as shown below, to improve your work efficiency and save you some precious time.

  • Repetitive Accounting entries are now out of sight, out of mind!

    For the system to automatically generate the accounting entries, you can first enter them into the “Accounting Setting” section of a specific trade partner. The system will then automatically show the pre-entered entries or notes in the accounting section of a shipment once you fill the trade partner’s name into the billing party field. Your valuable time can be spent on more significant activities instead of mind-numbing information input!

July 31, 2019
Trade Party

Freight forwarders have to deal with different parties, such as consignees, customs brokers, and truckers, of their trade partners to deliver items to the destination. As a result, freight forwarders have to input various information into the system, which is definitely a long and tedious process that can often be considered a waste of time.

What if we tell you that you simply have to enter the information once and the system will automatically fill out everything for you?

To save you much time and speed up your workflow, GoFreight provides the “trade party” feature as shown below.

  • Inputting trade parties’ Information only once!

    For each of your trade partners, you can first input information of all the trade parties, such as consignees, bill recipients, shippers, and more, on that trade partner’s page. Afterwards, you no longer have to fill in all the information one by one on the house bill of lading. By filling in one box with that trade partner’s name, the system will automatically fill in the information based on your default trade parties, saving you from the keying in nightmare.

July 24, 2019
A/L Statement Amount Confirmation & Payment

Accounting has never been a piece of cake, especially when it comes to reconciliation.

Reconciling your accounts and invoices with your oversea agents can be troublesome. You undergo a bunch of activities that generate numerous debit or credit notes. You then confirm and reconcile them with your agents for countless times. The same steps repeat themselves until you finally make or receive the payment. However, we always have that “oh no” moment that makes us go through another laborious process involving looking for the original invoices, correcting the entries, and finally fixing the problems.

Won’t it be much easier if you have a system that documents all the statements for you and even remind you whether you have confirmed the amounts with you agents?

To make your life easier, we have added some features to make the invoicing and payment processes smoother and easier to navigate! Now, you simply have to use GoFreight to manage and track all your invoices and statements.

  • Amount Confirmed!

    Once your report is generated in the Log section of GoFreight, you can now click on the “Amount Confirmed” box to remind yourself that you have confirmed this amount with your agent!

    Note: You can’t edit all AR/AP/DC after clicking on the amount confirmed box; however, it can be unselected if anything goes wrong.

  • Making/receiving payment has never been easier!

    In the past, users had to go to the payment page and re-type the entries of the statement to make or receive payments. Now, with a single click on the “make/receive payment”, you will be automatically redirected to the payment page! Isn’t that neat?

    Note: The “amount confirmed” box has to be clicked to enable the make/receive payment button available

  • Reload to fix your invoice

    Sometimes, reconciling the amounts with your agent can go wrong.. No worries! Now, you can click on the reload button to bring back the original statement and re-select the right invoices!

What's Improved
October 17, 2019
  • New Feature!! Personalized list view & reports (with accounting information)
  • New Function! HBL / HAWB now supports Copy to and Move to (under Tools)
  • Copy Commodity now supports Copy Commodity + HTS code
  • MBL Description: Add a button to merge HBL description to MBL
  • Warehouse inventory: Inventory should also list out items without receiving / shipping (0 inventory)
  • Warehouse receiving / shipping: show warning when there is negative inventory
  • Pier Pass AP creation: fix the problem that value of rate & volume misplaced
  • Trade Partner-> Increase the length of Tax ID field, also change the wording to "TAX ID#" for Vietnam / India companies
  • ISF: ISF no. should be updated automatically to corresponding HBL for imported shipments
October 2, 2019
  • New function! Copy To: copy AR/AP/DC from one shipment to another
  • New function! Detach: detach HBL from MBL and roll back to booking stage (Ocean Export only)
  • Ocean Export: Add "Straight B/L" form under OE -> Booking Entry -> Tools
September 25, 2019
  • Accounting -> Aging Report: Add sort by amount and each column
  • Security Filing: Add "ETD", "ETA", "Sales" information on ISF List page
  • Pier pass AP creation: Add option to support creating 1 AP for multiple containers
  • After trade partner merge, sales information should be updated as well
September 18, 2019
  • Ocean Export -> HBL print: Allow manual edit freight items on "Show Freight" area
  • Accounting: Fix the problem that not able do make/receive payment after invoice blocked on Invoice/Cost list
  • Admin settings: Add user management function: be able to change user information and disable / enable users
  • ISF: Supports create ISF from Ocean Import shipment
  • ISF: Supports create ISF from Ocean Export shipment (For shipments to US)
  • Accounting -> General Ledger Report: Support output by excel (summary + detail at once)
  • Accounting settings: Add an option to allow AR/AP/DC invoice date as creation date (Please contact us if you want to make the change)
  • Accounting -> Aging Report: Add Trade Partner Type "Ocean Carrier" and "Air Carrier" in search criteria
September 12, 2019
  • Accounting -> Agent / Local Statement: Allow "Period" to leave blank when searching (means search all range)
  • Shipment Entry: "Form Display Name" of DEL / F.Dest should also be synced to HBL when editing
  • Block / unblock: Fix the problem that sometimes Block / unblock button was disabled unexpectedly
  • Warehouse inventory: Add Weight & Measurement information on inventory summary page
September 4, 2019
  • Email: Add an option for email subject line to decide showing PO# / MBL# or not
  • Permission: Allow Accounting / AM to be able to operate "Freight Release" function
  • Batch Email: Add Delivery Order batch email function
  • G&A Invoice / Expense List: fields adjustment in filter area
  • V/P Report: Add "Sales Type" under "Search Option" & "Output By"
  • V/P Report: Show A/R paid status when "Show Profit Detail" is selected
  • Journal Entry: Add Copy function
  • Ocean Export HBL: Add new field "NRA No." under "More"
  • Arrival Notice: Make IT No. font size bigger
August 28, 2019
  • Import Shipment: Add Trade Partner mapping and assign OP functions
  • Import Shipment: Fix duplicated Trade Partner problem
  • Accounting -> Invoice: Fix the problem that not able to "Load from Trade Party" for "Ship To" field
  • Accounting -> D/C note: On MBL DC Note, press "TAB" button should not skip "Type - B/L No" field
  • Air Import Arrival Notice: Freight Location with address should show full address
  • Ocean Export -> Load from Warehouse: add logs for link / unlink warehouse receipt
  • Navigation bar: Adjust font color / style to make the menu looks more clear
  • ISF Entry: fix HTS code field display abnormal issue
  • Accounting -> AR/AP/DC entry: adjust "P/C", "Type" & "Unit" font style
  • Copy shipment: reset send email status for new copied shipment
August 21, 2019
  • Warehouse Receiving / Shipping: Straight B/L form adjustment
  • Warehouse Shipping: Add Master B/L form printing under list page
  • Ocean Import: Add " Guarantee Letter" option in Arrival Notice form
  • Ocean Export MB/L print: Add unit switch for weight / measurement under container info area
  • Ocean Export: Add Preliminary Claim and Exam Hold Notice forms under HB/L -> Tools
August 14, 2019
  • MAWB print behavior adjustment: show issuing carrier's name in "Signature of Shipper or Agent" area
  • Air Export: Add barcode on package label to fit IATA requirements
  • Air Export: Add options to show / hide trade partner TEL/FAX/Contact info in Manifest
  • Air Export: MAWB / HAWB print: add 8 pages document package
  • Ocean Import / Air Import: fix cargo manifest status display abnormal
August 07, 2019
  • OI/AI Arrival Notice: add an option to show Freight Location address or not
  • Shipment list view / accounting tab: add AR/AP/DC email status
  • Container TP/SZ settings: add an option to select which container type to be shown in V&P report
  • AR/AP/DC: due date behavior adjustment -> auto update due date when shipment post date changed
July 31, 2019
  • New function: What's new - learn new functions in GoFreight and improvements in each release
  • Cancel shipment behavior adjustment: Only allow cancel when there is no AR/AP/DC under same shipment
  • Create shipment from ISF: fix the problem that Bill To didn't carry over from Customer
  • New date range picker style to improve usability
  • "Form display name" fix: HBL DEL form display name should be reset if MBL DEL information is updated
July 24, 2019
  • Disable Cancel BL function when accounting information already existed
  • Do not show pickup no. reminder in todo list when service term is to CFS
  • Add link in Dock receipt: be able to go back to linked booking / BL directly
  • Performance improvement on shipment list page