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August 14, 2019

In this week’s What’s New, we will be introducing an existing feature loved and frequently used by our users.

Remember this business buddy of yours called memo? You probably attach a bunch of them on your walls, desks, or even your freight documents to remind yourself of certain details about your shipments, consignees, payments, or others. Unfortunately, a huge amount of memos can be quite costly and you might lose them sometimes.

As we strive to help freight forwarders digitize their work process, we came up with electronic memos, as shown below, so that our users can reduce costs and avoid missing out important details of work.

  • Memos automation provides better visibility and access!

    By clicking the box of a memo under the bell icon, users will notice that the memo menu will automatically be expanded to remind users of the highlighted memo. In addition, the system will automatically load the pre-entered memos of trade partners once their names are filled into certain fields, such as consignees, customers, and others. Lastly, users will be able to view all the memos by clicking the eye icon beside each bill of lading on the complete list of bills of lading so that users do not have to open each bill of lading to view or even add the memos. Now, you can easily find your memos at the right places without feeling lost or confused!

  • Can’t remember everything? Type out a memo!

    GoFreight allows users to write down memos in different modules, such as imports and exports, AR, AP, D/C, and even trade partners! All you have to do is to go to a certain module, click on “new” under the memo menu, and type out any kinds of information. Files related to that particular memos can also be uploaded to that memo and the uploaded files will be shown in the document center.

What's Improved
  • MAWB print behavior adjustment: show issuing carrier's name in "Signature of Shipper or Agent" area
  • Air Export: Add barcode on package label to fit IATA requirements
  • Air Export: Add options to show / hide trade partner TEL/FAX/Contact info in Manifest
  • Air Export: MAWB / HAWB print: add 8 pages document package
  • Ocean Import / Air Import: fix cargo manifest status display abnormal
August 07, 2019
Accounting Setting

Have you ever encountered this kind of situation as a forwarder?

You have been dealing with the same consignees, agents, and other partners for a long period of time. You undergo the same activities, which result in the same debit/credit notes or account receivables/payable entries, for countless time. You then either key in the same accounting information all over again or keep copying and pasting it from the old files to the new ones. Shouldn’t we have better ways to do this as we’re living in the digital age? The answer is definitely YES!

Aside from the trade party feature shown last week, we also came up with the “Accounting Setting” feature, as shown below, to improve your work efficiency and save you some precious time.

  • Repetitive Accounting entries are now out of sight, out of mind!

    For the system to automatically generate the accounting entries, you can first enter them into the “Accounting Setting” section of a specific trade partner. The system will then automatically show the pre-entered entries or notes in the accounting section of a shipment once you fill the trade partner’s name into the billing party field. Your valuable time can be spent on more significant activities instead of mind-numbing information input!

What's Improved
  • OI/AI Arrival Notice: add an option to show Freight Location address or not
  • Shipment list view / accounting tab: add AR/AP/DC email status
  • Container TP/SZ settings: add an option to select which container type to be shown in V&P report
  • AR/AP/DC: due date behavior adjustment -> auto update due date when shipment post date changed
July 31, 2019
Trade Party

Freight forwarders have to deal with different parties, such as consignees, customs brokers, and truckers, of their trade partners to deliver items to the destination. As a result, freight forwarders have to input various information into the system, which is definitely a long and tedious process that can often be considered a waste of time.

What if we tell you that you simply have to enter the information once and the system will automatically fill out everything for you?

To save you much time and speed up your workflow, GoFreight provides the “trade party” feature as shown below.

  • Inputting trade parties’ Information only once!

    For each of your trade partners, you can first input information of all the trade parties, such as consignees, bill recipients, shippers, and more, on that trade partner’s page. Afterwards, you no longer have to fill in all the information one by one on the house bill of lading. By filling in one box with that trade partner’s name, the system will automatically fill in the information based on your default trade parties, saving you from the keying in nightmare.

What's Improved
  • New function: What's new - learn new functions in GoFreight and improvements in each release
  • Cancel shipment behavior adjustment: Only allow cancel when there is no AR/AP/DC under same shipment
  • Create shipment from ISF: fix the problem that Bill To didn't carry over from Customer
  • New date range picker style to improve usability
  • "Form display name" fix: HBL DEL form display name should be reset if MBL DEL information is updated
July 24, 2019
A/L Statement Amount Confirmation & Payment

Accounting has never been a piece of cake, especially when it comes to reconciliation.

Reconciling your accounts and invoices with your oversea agents can be troublesome. You undergo a bunch of activities that generate numerous debit or credit notes. You then confirm and reconcile them with your agents for countless times. The same steps repeat themselves until you finally make or receive the payment. However, we always have that “oh no” moment that makes us go through another laborious process involving looking for the original invoices, correcting the entries, and finally fixing the problems.

Won’t it be much easier if you have a system that documents all the statements for you and even remind you whether you have confirmed the amounts with you agents?

To make your life easier, we have added some features to make the invoicing and payment processes smoother and easier to navigate! Now, you simply have to use GoFreight to manage and track all your invoices and statements.

  • Amount Confirmed!

    Once your report is generated in the Log section of GoFreight, you can now click on the “Amount Confirmed” box to remind yourself that you have confirmed this amount with your agent!

    Note: You can’t edit all AR/AP/DC after clicking on the amount confirmed box; however, it can be unselected if anything goes wrong.

  • Making/receiving payment has never been easier!

    In the past, users had to go to the payment page and re-type the entries of the statement to make or receive payments. Now, with a single click on the “make/receive payment”, you will be automatically redirected to the payment page! Isn’t that neat?

    Note: The “amount confirmed” box has to be clicked to enable the make/receive payment button available

  • Reload to fix your invoice

    Sometimes, reconciling the amounts with your agent can go wrong.. No worries! Now, you can click on the reload button to bring back the original statement and re-select the right invoices!

What's Improved
  • Disable Cancel BL function when accounting information already existed
  • Do not show pickup no. reminder in todo list when service term is to CFS
  • Add link in Dock receipt: be able to go back to linked booking / BL directly
  • Performance improvement on shipment list page